training services & support

PDS supports the integration of unit training schedules into training area resources ensuring warfighters maximize their available training time.

  • We work closely with active and reserve organizations to ensure we understand their requirements, and that the unit understands the constraints of training resources.
  • Planning, scheduling, and execution are never conducted in sequence, but rather in a parallel and integrated manner. PDS supports the Soldier, making quality resources and time available to prepare them for successful mission accomplishment.
  • PDS specializes in training range and land management.
  • PDS also plays a role in preparing the training environment to support quality training. PDS uses its experience and understanding of properly preparing and maintaining optimal range and field conditions for quality training while protecting the environment.
  • PDS understands the stress that repeated use of training and range areas has on the environment, and we ensure that resource viability is maintained through effective environmental management. Our approach serves as a combat multiplier to ensure our audience experiences the most realistic training conditions.

Role Player & Battlefield Effects

PDS provides and manages civilian, casualty, and threat representations to replicate appropriate languages and cultural settings to provide realistic training scenarios to our warfighters.

  • Our pyrotechnic battlefield effects increase the realism of training events so our customers get the most “bang for their buck”.
  • PDS works with our customers to understand their training objectives and ensure that Role Playing and Battlefield effects realistically enhance mission- and location-specific training objectives.
  • PDS role players provide the realism warfighters need in their training scenarios. We speak in appropriate target languages and dialects that challenge warfighters, in a safe environment, before they face real situations.
  • Our battlefield effects accurately replicate the intensity and stress of combat situations. Familiarization with and mental preparation for the battlefield are goals we support in training.

Instruction & Training Development

PDS adheres to the principles of the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) Instructional Systems Design process and has provided resident-based and exportable training in support of the U.S. Army Sustainment Center of Excellence (SCoE) since 2011.

  • We have provided an annual average of 183 instructors covering over 30 Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).
  • Our instructors are experienced, trained, and certified logistics subject matter experts possessing a range of expertise across all maintenance, supply, and transportation fields.

Weapons Simulator Training

The use of live ammunition is necessary to prepare Soldiers for the combat environment in which they may be called upon to operate.

  • The noise, smells, and challenges of target acquisition and successful engagement all are part of the battlefield.
  • Prior to actual battlefield engagements, the warfighter must first understand the basics. Our use of training devices that simulate weapons functions and effects provides warfighters with a setting permitting them to refine weapons fundamentals.
  • Once mastery of the weapon has been demonstrated, warfighters may then progress towards more complex situations involving terrain, weather, and a range of threats.

SERE – Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape

We are experienced in providing quality, high-risk SERE training for U.S. and Allied military personnel.

  • Our approach to understanding customer requirements and applying Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC) instructional standards have helped us deliver quality instructors in an effective training environment supported by a management organization that satisfies our customers’ needs.
  • Our personnel provide realistic, high-fidelity survival, evasion, resistance, and escape training in realistic (24-hour, austere environment, inclement weather, threats), physically, and psychologically demanding scenarios designed to expose students to lifelike, high-stress situations that they may encounter.