PD Systems Visits Holloman Air Force Base

Alamagorda, New Mexico, January 23, 2014 – PD Systems, Inc., a privately held Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, announced today their visit to Holloman AFB to evaluate customer satisfaction toward the delivery of the first batch of Bare Base distribution equipment delivered recently to the US Air Force. PD Systems strives to achieve complete customer and user satisfaction for all our products. Understanding the nature of how the product is used in the AOR as well as addressing any concern the user may have for improvements and use of technical update is essential to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. During the visit we were pleased to see products which were built and designed by our personnel in 2004 and after still in use in AOR, and still in “good as new” condition. We are thankful to our customer and user community for allowing us to stay close to both the products we build, and users of the equipment. We learn from this continued interaction, and in return, continue to strive for improvement.

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Mazen Badr
VP & General Manager, Power Systems Engineering

SOURCE: PD Systems