PD Systems supports the National Training Center (NTC) and Fort Irwin, CA Community.


Prince George, VA. Senior leaders from TLSD recently supported the NTC community by attending their local Octoberfest on 17 October 2018. Tom Rogers and Betsy Redmond attended the event while at NTC for a COR contract meeting. Tom is the Deputy General Manager for TLSD and Betsy is the contracting specialists at TLSD. TLSD operates the role player and special effects contract for NTC. This is an extremely important contract in support of our Army units and service members. Army units preparing for deployment conduct rotations at the NTC as a final verification that they are trained and ready to deploy in support of operations worldwide. PD Systems is proud to be a community partner in support of all locations our employees live and operate.

Cole Ried
Business Operations Specialist
SOURCE: PD Systems