PD Systems Supports Mission Focused Training

During a recent safety stand down, seven PD Systems (PDS) employees were recognized for their individual contributions to the 63rd Readiness Division’s annual Combat Support Training Exercise (CSTX).  Based on Fort Hunter Liggett, PDS maintains 63 RD vehicles and equipment located at the Equipment Concentration Site (ECS-170).  This equipment is continually issued to and return by elements of the 63 RD for training on Fort Hunter Liggett and home station.  Additionally, ECS-170 provides higher level maintenance support across the Division ensuring Warfighter readiness.  Those specifically recognized for their efforts for this year’s exercise are (left to right): Vicente Zavala, Jesse Juarez, Adam Aarons, Jose Luis Floes, Jacob Espinoza, Enrique Paramo-Chaves and Raul Lara.  Also recognized but not pictured are: Kenneth Colton, Martin O’Donnell and Keith Finch.

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