PD Systems Awarded SERE Training Contract


Prince George, VA –  Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) Training, Canada. In concert with Reticle Ventures Canada Incorporated and under a subcontract awarded from MD Franks LLC, PD systems is providing SERE Instructors to Canadian Armed Forces. Training is part of a course conducted periodically throughout the year. PDS Instructors work alongside Canadian counterparts to deliver realistic training to educate Canadian service members on how to anticipate and cope in the event of being separated, isolated, and captured.  We understand these skills are unique and challenging to train; however, these skills are critical to developing the capability in the next generation of combat leaders and operators (to include Special Forces) to survive in hostile environments where there is a risk of capture.  Our personnel are highly qualified and experienced SERE instructors and possess relevant, first-hand experience operating in high-risk combat environments.  PD Systems is proud to support our Prime and the Canadian armed forces in this important mission.

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Cole Ried
Senior Operations Manager
SOURCE: PD Systems