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PD SYSTEMS is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in Engineering, Logistics, and Acquisition Support. PD Systems is an integrator and provider of power generation and power distribution equipment hardware and software, and is well versed at developing integrated power solutions for complex military customer requirements.

PD Systems possesses all the capabilities required to successfully design, integrate, produce, and maintain power generation and distribution products. We possess personnel that comprise management, engineering, and manufacturing individual that are leaders, engineers, production managers, and logisticians experienced in the delivery of commercial and military power generation, power distribution as well as aircraft ground support equipment. PD Systems ISO Certified Quality Company and our use of lean technology will:

• Ensure accountability for quality performance and project control
• Provide a 24-month warranty and pass through of OEM warranties/ 24-hour call support Provide 24×7 “one stop shop” for all existing products as well newly developed requests

PD SYSTEMS®’ products include providing reliable and durable power in the form of power Generator sets ranging in size from 2.5KW to 6.7MW power plants, transportable and fully operational through both on-board and remote controls as well as extreme military environmental conditions.

We provide products that generate prime power and provide through Primary Switching Centers (PSC) both Secondary (Secondary Distribution Centers) and tertiary distribution (15KW, 25KW, 30KW, 60KW, 100KW, and 200KW Power Distribution Panels) to support both 50 and 60-Hertz operations. Our products use a modular design and our equipment facilities allow us to meet user defined configurations to meet specific electrical power generation and distribution requirements. This includes needs ranging from small KW loads to fullsize, integrated “standby” power systems.

In summary, PD Systems offers full service solutions. Our hardware developers and integrators have successful cradle-to-grave experience in hardware engineering, production, system integration, testing and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

PD Systems can support your Power Generation and Distribution Requirements. Feel free to call or e-mail us, we’d be glad to help!

Sales contact number: 703.623.6183

Senior Vice President,
Power Systems
703.778.3518 (P)
703.623.6183 (M)

Power Programs
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The RALS container is designed to accept power at 120/208 VAC, 3-phase power from a secondary power source through secondary cable assemblies.

Two loop cable assemblies, stored in bins in the RALS container, are laid out in the area to be lighted and connected to output receptacles on the RALS. The total length of each loop assembly is 750 feet. At 125 feet intervals along the loop cord, one-fixture light assembly is mounted on 15 feet high support poles. One light assembly mounts directly to the RALS container. The fixtures are connected to receptacles on the loop cord assembly.
A photoelectric cell on the RALS, or the manual bypass toggle switch, controls the application of power to the lights.

The RALS is designed for safe operation and conforms to the NEC for outdoor use.

INPUT-The 60 amp input connector is located on the front, lower right hand corner of the RALS container. The input connector is labeled J6.

OUTPUT-The two 20 amp output connectors are labeled J4 and J5 and are located above the input connector. The 15 amp receptacle is labeled J1 and is located above the two 20 amp output connectors. The two 15 amp convenience receptacles are labeled J2 and J3 and are located above the 20 amp receptacle.

CIRCUIT BREAKERS -The circuit breakers are thermal magnetic type. The single-phase breakers are single pole molded-case, with a single operating toggle. The operating mechanism for all circuit breakers is over center, trip free operation, providing quick-make, and quick-break operation. When the circuit breaker is tripped, the operating toggles takes a position between ON and OFF. The circuit breaker for the convenience outlets is GFCI rated.


Manufacturer: PD SYSTEMS
PD Systems’ Part Number: PDSYS - RALS - 09
NSN: 6110 - 01 - 236 - 3829
Operating Temperature range: - 25° F to +125° F
Storage Temperature range: - 65° F to +150° F
Weight: 1,500 LB
Overall Length: 85 IN
Overall Width: 48 IN
Overall Height: 48 IN


Power Input 1 @ 60 amp, 120/208 VAC, 3-Phase
Power Output
2 @ 20 amp, 120/208 VAC, 1-Phase
1 @ 15 amp, 120 VAC, 1-Phasep
2 @ 15 amp, 120 VAC convenience receptacles

Download PDF - SPEC SHEET: RALS Spec Sheet.pdf

PD Systems

PD Systems is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Government Contractor. We specialize in Engineering, Logistics and Administrative Services, as well as Power systems and equipment. Our dedicated and solutions oriented employees have extensive government contracting experience. We invest in technology and people to provide rapid, innovative and accurate solutions to complex programs.

Headquartered within the defense corridor of our Nation's Capital, PD Systems is positioned right where you need us to be.

PD Systems is a solutions oriented company providing a wide range of Logistics and Engineering Domain services. The company's portfolio includes Operational Logistics, Training Services, Engineering Services, Energy Solutions, and Sustainment Support.

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