Fixed and Mobile Power Systems

Who We Are

PD Systems is a full systems integrator, designer, and virtual manufacturer of power generation and distribution equipment. We offer full-service solutions to government and industry with agile approaches using lean technology. Our superior leadership, hardware developers, integrators, and on-site engineers provide conception-to-delivery products across engineering, production, system integration, testing, and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) requirements.

  • Full-service solutions for Fixed and Mobile Power Systems

We Leverage Technology

We align proven expertise, smart design, and responsive development, engineering, and test/validation capabilities to produce power solutions that work. We are a low risk provider that understands requirements. As an ISO Certified Quality Company, our use of lean technology:

  • Ensures maximum accountability for quality performance and project control.
  • Provides two-year warranties with 24-hour call support.
  • Offers a continuous “one stop shop” for all existing products and emerging requests.

  • PD Systems is a ISO Certified, Lean Technology Company

Performance Is Everything To Us

From conception to delivery, we provide world-class “Build­ to-Print” configuration management, and technical drawing to deliver performance-based products and services. We help our customers grow their footprint with agility responses to shifting requirements and changing customer needs. We meet and exceed requirements. On time, every time.

Our core capabilities:

  • Design and Development
  • Program Management
  • Technical Data Package
  • Operational and Maintenance Manuals
  • Qualification Testing
  • Production Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Technical, Logistics and Pricing

Our reliable and durable power products:

  • Experience with the production of hundreds of various sizes gen sets; switchgear and distribution products.
  • Over 25,000 Power Distribution/Power Generation items fielded.
  • Generator sets ranging in size from 2.5KW to 6.7MW power plants.
  • Mobile and fully operational power via on-board and remote controls in extreme military environmental conditions.
  • Prime power products through primary switching centers, secondary distribution centers, and tertiary distribution (15KW, 25KW, 30KW, 35KW, 60KW power distribution panels) to support both 50 and 60-Hertz operations.
  • Modular design and user-defined equipment facilities to meet specific electrical power generation and distribution needs ranging from as low as required in KW’s with additional “standby” fully integrated in the plant.
  • World-class “Build­ to-Print” configuration management

We Are A Trusted Partner

We are a proven and highly respected contractor for DoD power generation and distribution products across military services. We use our expertise to address Complex, global defense challenges and work with DoD to successfully meet technical needs.

  • Vast experience with MIL-STD testing and verification.
  • Support team for the USAF Distribution System, USAF/Boeing GPU, Load Bank Systems, and Deployable Power Plants.
  • Continuous Power Units that meet or exceed mission capability requirements with significantly low mission capability risk ratings.

  • PD Systems has the expertise to address complex, global defense challenges for the US Military and industry partners

We Build Winning Partnerships

Our close, decades-long experience working with custom equipment facility partners, subcontractors, and vendors of all parts and materials ensures successful support and performance for the life of the products we deliver.

  • We have over 16 years of partnerships with the support industry (i.e. CAT, Cummins, John Deere).
  • We continuously validate and update vendor databases against drawing packages, part numbers, and specifications of components supporting equipment.
  • We have extensive experience in establishing and conforming to quality programs that provide oversight of manufacturing and production facilities.

  • Worldwide Rugged Power Supply (WRPS) Developed for USMC

We Are Preparing for Tomorrow Today

As complex power, logistics, design, and security challenges increase and change, PD Systems aligns its time-proven expertise and fresh approaches to meet anticipated requirements on the road ahead.

  • PD Systems time-proven expertise and fresh approaches meet anticipated requirements on the road ahead

PD Systems

PD Systems is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Government Contractor. We specialize in Engineering, Logistics and Administrative Services, as well as Power systems and equipment. Our dedicated and solutions oriented employees have extensive government contracting experience. We invest in technology and people to provide rapid, innovative and accurate solutions to complex programs.

Headquartered within the defense corridor of our Nation's Capital, PD Systems is positioned right where you need us to be.

PD Systems is a solutions oriented company providing a wide range of Logistics and Engineering Domain services. The company's portfolio includes Operational Logistics, Training Services, Engineering Services, Energy Solutions, and Sustainment Support.

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