PD Systems has built a global reputation as a solutions-oriented company with a wide range of sustainment, training, and expeditionary logistics capabilities.

PD Systems was founded on the belief that a company that provides high-quality products and services to its customers could develop unique, cost-effective solutions benefiting both our customers and our employees. Today PD Systems is a global company of more than 300 employees providing high caliber, low risk, cost-effective services to our customers.

Established in 2007, PD Systems combined a first-class reputation for services with a specialized product manufacturing operation to create a logistics powerhouse that provided one-stop shopping for our customers. Over those first 10 years, the high-quality service increased customer confidence in the company’s capabilities and with that, the reliance on PD Systems’ power generation and distribution equipment.

With our presence in the market space well established, the company was reorganized in 2020. PD Systems, Inc. converted to PD Systems, LLC, and simultaneously, the Power Systems Division of PD Systems was spun off to form PD Power Systems, LLC. Together these two powerhouses combine to form TBF Group, Inc., a holding company that combines the same strength, dependability, and resilient services that were the bedrock of PD Systems with PD Power Systems’ reliable and innovative power distribution systems.

As PD Systems turns its focus exclusively to the delivery of the same high-quality, reliable, cost-effective services we have provided for the last 15 years, we are eager to see our legacy and impact drive the success into the next decade. Our leadership is tested, and experienced, and our employees remain steadfast in their commitment to their customers, each other, and the mission of supporting and sustaining our customers.