PD Systems is currently recruiting for the following positions.

To apply, please select the position you are interested in applying for, and follow the application link that appears at the bottom of the position's description to submit your resume.

PD Systems is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.

The following job openings are available for qualified applicants:

  • Field Service Engineer - Afghanistan
  • Logistics Analyst II - Afghanistan
  • Logistics Analyst II - BAF Afghanistan
  • Logistics Analyst II - KAF Afghanistan
  • Motor Mechanic - Afghanistan
  • Motor Mechanic - Kuwait
  • Motor Mechanic - OCONUS
  • Motor Mechanic - South Korea
  • Technical Instructor - KAF Afghanistan
  • Technical Instructor - Kuwait
  • Technical Instructor - OCONUS
  • Technical Instructor - Sharana Afghanistan
  • Technical Instructor - South Korea